Monique Nysus
Monique is the Founder of the Nissan 240sx Club of New Mexico (nm240sx) and is the NM Regional Leader and contact for the Nissan 240sx Car Club of America.

Adam Myers
Adam stays current on Road Track events as well as others such as the Dyno Drags. He is well versed on the KA-T setup and is always a friendly face at all our events.

Scott Betts
Scott is one of the local drift fanatics who also has interests in the Auto-X world. He is currently working on getting a sanctioned drift event/s going for NM. Drifting is his "passion".

Uuri Koh
Uuri is one of the first SR20DET swappers here in NM. He personally went through all the steps of putting in his engine, components, and accessories. Drop him a line if you need advice or have a question.

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